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Millard Gets Oxmoor Book Buyers

Millard Group Inc. assumed list management Jan. 1 of the Oxmoor House book buyer files, which have 3.7 million last-24-month book buyers.

The last-12-month count is 2.6 million.

Oxmoor House issues 50 new books and publications yearly under titles such as Cooking Light, Sunset, Southern Living, Weight Watchers and Leisure Arts. Its book buyers are mostly married homeowners with an average age of 50 and an average income of $61,194.

Buyers on the file are responsive to various offers and are interested in crafts and Christmas, cooking, gardening, health and home decorating, according to Millard, Peterborough, NH . Demographic and lifestyle enhancements are available as well as modeling. The 24-month base price is $85/M.

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