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Microsoft Webmaster Tools Unveils Major Upgrades for Enhanced Site Functionality

Major Upgrades
Major Upgrades

Microsoft Webmaster Tools has launched major upgrades, including expanded reports and insights aimed at enhancing site functionality and refining search results. These reports encompass information on every URL, going beyond those just submitted by users, offering website owners an improved understanding of their site’s performance.

Fabrice Canel, the Principal Product Manager for Microsoft, confirmed that the number of submitted URLs has seen a notable increase, reaching around 2.5 billion recently. He revealed that 17% of new URLs clicked in search results are traceable back to their platform.

The platform’s in-depth reports offer actionable insights for users, helping to strengthen their online presence and search rankings. The updated report includes extensive data on URL counts, collected by various methods such as crawling, in order to perform a comprehensive analysis of the website structure and identify potential performance issues.

In addition, the report provides valuable insights into common errors, strategies for achieving URL indexing, and submission timings. It presents helpful data regarding distinct types of crawled URLs and demonstrates valuable data on URL indexing frequency and patterns.

The Webmaster Tools interface now has a “Top Insights” section, designed to help users improve content quality, enhance indexing coverage, track progress, and optimize structured data and backlinks. Crucially, it allows users to focus on areas for improvement and track the impact of their changes over time.

The “Top Insights” feature also offers advice on how to improve your website content for maximum visibility. It can track and optimize structured data, ensuring that relational information correlates correctly for better visibility in organic search results.

Moreover, the platform offers tangible insights into enhancing your website’s backlinks, a key component to improving search engine rankings and visibility.

Microsoft has altered the platform’s navigation for better user experience, placing the SEO section in the main interface. This adjustment streamlines workflow and provides quicker access to pertinent information. Catering to the varying needs of individuals and businesses, these changes mark a significant development in the platform’s commitment to offering integrated SEO tools for efficient website management and optimization.

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