MetaResponse Group manages financial prospects file

MetaResponse Group has been awarded exclusive list management of the Financial Prospects Superfile from ProspectData Research.

This file reaches a unique audience of consumers’ at-home addresses that are prime prospects for a wide variety of financial services offers.

The individuals of this file are 45 and older and have an average household income of $125,000 and up. They are individuals who are at a critical stage in their life who want to protect the wealth they have while also building it for the future.

The individuals have all taken an interactive telephone survey and gave positive responses indicating interests in or ownership of stock brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, financial service advisors, self-directed funds and subscription-based financial newsletters.

All of them have expressed an interest in receiving third-party financial offers.

Selects include age, income, net worth and telephone numbers.

Organizations soliciting financial services, investment offers, newsletters and magazines, upscale consumer offers, home office offers, executive self improvement offers, seminars, books, consumer catalog offers, health and fitness offers, home and family services, and credit cards may be interested in this file.

MetaResponse is based in Deerfield Beach, FL.

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