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MeritDirect Adds BTB Catalog Files

MeritDirect yesterday announced it was named list manager for the catalog buyer files of business-to-business mailers Reliable Office Supplies and G. Neil.

MeritDirect took over management of Reliable Office Supplies, which has 300,000 last 12-month buyers, on Jan. 2.

The Reliable family of lists also includes blow-in, bind-in and package insert programs as well as specific product buyers such as computer, furniture, office electronic, shipping and warehouse product buyers. The master file also contains data enhancements.

Reliable's buyers are updated monthly and the base price is $95/M.

The G. Neil file will be managed by MeritDirect as of Feb. 1, and has almost 300,000 last 12-month buyers.

Selections on the G. Neil list include geography, gender, recency, Internet buyers, employee size, multibuyers and telephone number.

The G. Neil file buyers are updated monthly and the base price is $110/M.

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