Meow Mix has cat-centric site for pet lovers

Del Monte Food’s Meow Mix has partnered with Omnicom’s for a new interactive Web site, as part of its “Think Like a Cat” campaign for the cat food brand.

The initiative behind the Web site is to reinforce the Meow Mix brand and to engage consumers in an interactive way. The entire Web site is written from the perspective of a cat, as a way to attract pet lovers.

“We wanted to refresh our Web site and build a site that connects with our pet-parent consumer,” said Brian Ely, director of marketing at Del Monte Foods, focusing on Meow Mix. “We wanted to build a site that helps these consumers build stronger relationships with their cats. If you can understand cats better, then you can have a better relationship with your cat.”

The site at brings the Meow Mix brand to life online through video. Videos of a variety of cats, humming the meow mix theme song, have been super-imposed over a living room setting.

The site lets visitors scroll over the cats and play with them, as the cats play with a ball of yarn, swat at a fish bowl and eat Meow Mix food. Speech bubbles appear from each of the cats with different cat chatter such as, “Would you like to treat me to a delicious treat, already?” or “See the treats that really get me purring.” These link to other pages on the site where visitors can see products, play games, read cat facts on physiology, diet, behavior and mythology. They can also get information from the Meow Mix Acatemy, a course aimed at creating a better understanding between cats and owners.

Visitors are encouraged to sign up for Meow Mail and send to a friend.

On the site, there is a sweepstakes where consumers can enter to win a culinary weekend retreat in various locations, including New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

In addition to the Web site, the campaign is also running in radio, print TV and in-store promotions and events. The events, which will run from Pittsburgh to San Francisco this fall, will send an invitation to customers through SMS on their mobile phones. The in-store partnerships include a display in New York City Petco branches.

“The goal of the campaign is to drive brand awareness, but the goal of the retail partnership is to help the store’s business and help drive sales,” Ely added.

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