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Melissa Data Debuts Web-Based Data Verification Tool

Data management services provider Melissa Data Corp. yesterday announced its new Internet data verification service, Data Quality Web Service.

The system validates customer data in real time at the point of entry by matching the data submitted against the U.S. Postal Service file of 128 million deliverable addresses. It returns the verified and corrected records in a standardized format with ZIP+4, carrier route and delivery point codes. It also can append county and time zone information, address type and congressional district, among other things.

Address verification of Canadian records through Canada Post will be available beginning in June, according to Melissa Data, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

In addition, Data Quality Web Service can verify, correct and update telephone area codes, append latitude and longitude to the ZIP+4 level, add census tract and block numbers, parse names, apply gender, detect vulgar words and append geographic data linked to a ZIP code.

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