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MBTA plans DM ride for CharlieCard

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is hoping to utilize outdoor and direct marketing efforts to get more people to use public transportation in the greater Boston area.

The MBTA recently hired Steve Greenblatt Creative of Ohio to run the campaign.

Greenblatt helped develop ads that are currently on billboards, bus and subway placards and train wraps throughout the MBTA’s service areas across Massachusetts. They feature side-by-side images of current gasoline prices and the MBTA’s CharlieCard transit pass below the headline “No. Brainer.”

The MBTA operates subways, light rail, buses and ferries in the Boston metro area.

Greenblatt said the ads have a direct response component to them, in that they direct people to a Web page and toll-free number for more information about MBTA transit options.

He said the MBTA is looking to increase ridership by at least 10% due to the campaign.

During July, Greenblatt said phase two of the campaign will begin, which will be a more classic direct marketing campaign.

Greenblatt said he couldn’t give specifics at this time, but said the campaign would likely target businesses and encourage them to join a corporate transit pass program as a way to entice more Boston area commuters to take public transportation.

“They are really making an effort to use more direct marketing as a way to increase ridership,” Greenblatt said.

The MBTA did not return repeated requests for comment.

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