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Maxwell Sackheim Award — Best in Show

Love conspiracy / Consumer campaign

Agency: AIM Proximity
Client: The Warehouse Limited

This campaign tops the awards this year due to its ability to engage buyers over a period of time and provide them with an unforgettable, extremely relevant experience – all while creating the perfect cross-sell opportunity. New Zealand retailer The Warehouse Limited drew in many first-time male customers by promising them the ultimate way to impress their girlfriends or wives without having to spend any money. The multi-touch campaign featured a ‘secret’ microsite for men only – accessible only upon completion of a “Are you a man?” quiz, e-mail messages and a live event that got the attention of both men and women. The retailer flew a plane with a romantic message reading, “Babe, I Love You” trailing behind it. Each male conspirator was instructed to tell the women in their lives that they had arranged for the special plane. By registering with the retailer, the men could vote for the message and for where the plane would fly. Naturally, they were also given suggestions for additional romantic Valentine’s Day gifts available at The Warehouse.

Creative Director
Dave King

Deputy Creative Director
Tony Clewett

Michelle Rajalingam

Art Director
Dan Fastenedge

Head of Interactive Art
Aaron Goldring

Digital Designer
Jason Vertogen

Digital Designer
Shanan Goldring

Production Manager
Paul Pritchard

Shortlisted Nominees

Agency: Shackleton
Creative Director
Nacho Guilloa
Victor Aguilar
Antonio Herrero

The Monument
Agency: Shackleton
Client: SEGO Spanish Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Creative Director
Pablo Gonzalez de la Pena

TED696 Project
Agency: BMF
Client: Lion Nathan
Creative Director
Simon Langley
Creative Director – Digital
Chris James

Flickr Book
Agency: Jung von Matt AG
Client: Daimler AG
Creative Director
Andreas Summ
Michael Matthiass

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