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Maximizer releases CRM 10

Maximizer Software Inc. has updated and renamed its Maximizer Enterprise software, releasing it as Maximizer CRM 10.

The software is aimed at small and midsized businesses and carries enhanced business intelligence tools, Blackberry Smartphone access and an exclusive partnership with CanDoGo sales coaching.

Business intelligence tools included with CRM 10 include out-of-the-box reports, enhanced dashboards, desktop dashboards from Vista Gadget and a collaborative reporting platform from 90 Degree Software.

With MaxMobile for Blackberry, CRM 10 users can access customers, leads, schedules, sales deals and other information directly through their Smartphones. Maximizer executives say the new application serves the growing small-to-medium business market as it begins to compete with large businesses.

“The Blackberry is the business tool of the century,” explained Faron Thompson, managing director of Maximizer client Primary Capital. “Maximizer currently has a wireless portal, so if you have a PDA device with Internet, you can port in and see the live database. That’s great, but it’s not perfect, so the new ability to compress the database and put it on you Blackberry and have it be wirelessly synched is world-class.”

Thompson added that the unlimited UDFs provided by Maximizer CRM 10 adds to the software’s usefulness. Primary Capital is currently building a proprietary application from Maximizer offerings.

The CanDoGo partnership provides Maximizer CRM 10 users access to expert advice and coaching from the CanDoGo Web site. Videos from the likes of Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins and Tony Parinello will be available directly through the Maximizer interface.

Maximizer CRM 10 also boasts better integration with Microsoft products such as Exchange and Microsoft Dynamics EP, remote Web-based administration and a new Web services architecture. The software is available in Group, Professional and Enterprise editions.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Maximizer serves more than 8,000 corporate customers, including Siemens, HSBC and Lockheed Martin.

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