Matt Rosenberg is ChoiceStream’s New CMO

Matt Rosenberg, a veteran digital marketer with long experience in the entertainment industry, has been tapped by ad tech platform ChoiceStream as its chief marketing officer. ChoiceStream touts itself as a leader in applying first-party-data-fueled segmentation to programmatic advertising.

Beginning his career as a freelance scriptwriter in Hollywood, Rosenberg took a job with Sony Pictures in 2000, where he directed online marketing for more than 100 movies over four years. He went on to build the entertainment practice at Organic, Inc, served as VP of client solutions at SAY media, and ran marketing at a media startup called Taykey before accepting the ChoiceStream job.

“In a world of programmatic companies that mainly boast that their nerds are nerdier than the other company’s nerds, ChoiceStream caught my eye because they take the unprecedented step of actually asking people what their views, interests, and purchase intents are,” says Rosenberg.

He has been charged with focusing the ChoiceStream story by CEO Eric Bosco, who said that he and Rosenberg share the view that most ad tech marketing stories don’t line up with actual business practices.

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