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MatchLogic Introduces eVista 3.0

MatchLogic Inc., Westminster, CO, an interactive marketing solutions company and wholly owned subsidiary of Excite@Home, yesterday announced an upgrade to its flagship customer relationship marketing application, eVista.

Vista 3.0 helps companies to better manage their customer interactions with enhanced e-mail delivery capabilities and a dynamic content editor, according to MatchLogic. The solution allows marketers to analyze customer data and create sophisticated offline and online campaigns with ease.

“[The] MatchLogic eVista 3.0 upgrade not only represents an expansion of the application's capabilities, but offers one of the most advanced technologies available in the often crowded and confusing CRM solution marketplace,” said Steve Helle, vice president of the relationship marketing division at MatchLogic.

“EVista 3.0 reinforces the mission of the MatchLogic relationship marketing division to offer the broadest range of marketing capabilities to better retain customers, increase overall return on marketing investment and provide the marketer with a complete solution for customer management,” he said.

In addition to eVista analysis, segmentation, campaign management and reporting capabilities, the upgraded version allows the user to build e-mail content directly within the product using both HTML and plain text.

The HTML content for the e-mail can include pictures, hyperlinks, dynamic content and key personalization information, all within a browser-based interface.

“We expect the eVista application to significantly reduce the amount of time marketers spend producing e-mail marketing campaigns,” said Todd Kelley, product manager for eVista solutions. “Anyone who has tried to accomplish even a basic e-mail campaign has realized how time-consuming it can be. With this addition to eVista, MatchLogic aims to make such efforts much easier.

“This package provides marketers with a comprehensive and fully realized set of tools to manage the customer in one sophisticated, yet simple-to-use package,” Kelley said.

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