MarketsOnDemand Upgrades Online Data Gathering Tool

MarketsOnDemand, a provider of Internet-derived, permission-based direct marketing information, lists and data services, yesterday released Core Insight 2.0, an upgrade of its online custom data gathering tool.

Core Insight, initially launched in September, combines the data gathering ability of traditional surveys and the Internet, said MarketsOnDemand, Chicago. The new version includes exposure on a network of partner Web sites and a new pricing model.

MarketsOnDemand drives traffic to client surveys through its 35 online partners as well as its opt-in e-mail database of more than 9 million individuals.

Core Insight can be used to build market intelligence, compile multichannel opt-in prospecting lists or enhance customer profiles.

It creates and hosts online surveys and questionnaires, then drives responders to them via client-defined e-mail marketing campaigns. Results are tabulated and posted online for continual monitoring. Once predetermined data acquisition goals are achieved, marketers are given exclusive ownership of the data collected along with responder names and postal addresses. Marketers also have the option to obtain the e-mail addresses of survey responders via an invitation to opt in to ongoing e-mail communication.

Marketers can use CoreBase, the company's permission marketing database of consumer information collected online. They also can use their existing house file or apply MarketsOnDemand's e-mail address append and list enhancement services to develop their target survey universe.

Core Insight is suitable for automotive, consumer packaged goods, financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, entertainment and travel marketers, the company said.

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