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Marketing News Bytes: January 11, 2013


USPS Takes on a New Agency

What is it? The United States Postal Service has retained a new media agency: Interpublic Groups‘ UM. The USPS had relied on Interpublic’s Campbell Ewald for ad creative and direct marketing, as well as media, but initiated an agency review more than a year ago before suspending it to reassess its needs. It is expected to conclude a creative agency review in the first quarter.

WIIFM? Direct mailers can interpret the action as evidence that USPS is still moving forward with its business plan, despite posting a record $5.9 billion operations loss last year.

Who’s talking? Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, who last week issued a plea to Congress to pass bill relieving the agency of having to make prepayments into government employees health care and retirement funds.

This Leads to All Kinds of Possibilities

What is it? Marketing automation company LeadMD announces several partnerships with other providers, including Pervasive Software, Ninja Bridge, and Strongpages.

WIIFM? LeadMD users can enhance their current marketing automation programs by merging them with SEO, content development, various Web application integrations and Web marketing.

Who’s talking? Jason Denzin, global channel sales for Pervasive, one of the new partners, says that the alliance “enables LeadMD to offer rapid, affordable connectivity between Marketo and a range of popular CRM applications to shorten deployment cycles and speed time to revenue.”

It’s a Super Match

What is it? A purchase of Marketing Drive and its digital subsidiary WELD media by Match Marketing Group, which aims to round out its shopper marketing services to include research and insights, campaign development, and experiential and event marketing. It’s the company’s fifth acquisition this year.

WIIFM? “The relentless pursuit of conversion at every stage of the path through purchase,” according to the Superman-like promises of the company’s press release.

Who’s talking? Match president Brett Farren, whose vision for Match is “to quickly become the top, full service shopper marketing agency in North America.” And leap tall retail headquarters in a single bound.


Social Media Integrator

What is it? Enhanced social media integrations for Sage ACT! 2013, Sage North America’s contact and customer management system.

WIIFM? The ability to capture insights that prospects and customers share through their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

Who’s talking? “Users can now gain a more detailed and timely view of each customer’s unique needs, opinions, and interests so they can act swiftly with the personal outreach, helpful information or meaningful sales offer,” says Sage CRM SVP Dan Wilzoch.

Mobile Marketer Dashboard

What is it? A mobile marketing communication platform from Total Communicator Solutions that allows a company to communicate with clients who download the firm’s mobile app via a dashboard.

WIIFM? Designed for use by marketing departments, the platform enables automatic delivery of messages, content, and offers based on a variety of parameters. These include location, activity, and past behavior within the app.

Who’s talking? CEO James Brennan of Enlightened Hospitality Group, owner of the Searsucker restaurant chain, says that “This fits perfectly in our marketing plans where we promote our restaurant group, as well as our celebrity chef, Brian Malarkey.”


Who it is: Martin Lenoir, named VP of direct marketing at DISH, the satellite TV network.

What’s his role: He will concentrate on expanding the company’s customer outreach.

Where was he prior: Lenoir led direct-to-consumer marketing for the AARP Life Insurance program at New York Life Insurance Company and before that at Kaiser Permanente, another insurance company. Prior to these positions, Lenoir led cross-selling efforts and small business acquisition strategy at Capital One.

Why was he appointed: “Martin brings strong experience in finding prospective customers with a laser focus,” says CMO James Moorhead.


Who it is: Sandra Worm, named first vice president Mudlick Mail, a direct mail provider.

What’s her role: She will help direct Mudlick’s expansion into new verticals and geographic markets.

Where was she prior: Worm spent nearly two decades with direct marketing services company Harte-Hanks, most recently as VP of client development. She also developed and launched the Postal Watch newsletter at Intertec Publishing.

Why was she appointed: “She has developed and managed multichannel marketing programs across industries including automotive, financial, retail, high-tech, insurance, and non-profit arenas,” says said Mudlick President Tim Ross.


Who it is: Pelin Thorogood, named CEO of marketing analytics software provider Anametrix

What’s her role: She will lead the company’s efforts to grow penetration of return on marketing investment (ROMI) software.

Where was she prior: Formerly the company’s CMO, Thorogood is on the board of the Online Marketing Insitute

Why was she appointed: “Pelin is the dream CEO for our three-year-old company. She is a proven business leader, expert and innovator in digital analytics,” says cofounder Blaise Barrelet, whom Thorogood will replace as CEO.

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