Marketing Cloud Company, Winner: Adobe

Adobe Marketing Cloud provides clients all the tools they need to create personalized, compelling customer experiences across all touchpoints.

“Adobe’s technology empowers companies to become ‘Experience Businesses’ by helping them tap into the best data, make sense of it quickly, hyper-customize marketing messages, and develop genuine, powerful connections with customers anytime, anywhere,” a company representative said.  

Recent impressive innovations to the platform include Adobe Sensei and the Adobe Marketing Cloud Device Co-op. Sensei is AI-based intelligence services that give Marketing Cloud clients the ability to better understand and meet their customers’ needs. The Co-op enables brands to better recognize consumers across devices so they can deliver highly personalized experiences at massive scale.

Many large global clients love Adobe Marketing Cloud’s overall power and versatility. For example, the platform is helping Volkswagen unify its global brand image and use real-time insight into effectiveness to make changes on the fly to increase lead generation.  

“Built-in integration between Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions [lets us] create a powerful digital marketing platform to provide customers with more personal and engaging experiences,” said Candido Peterlini, head of customer interaction management at Volkswagen AG.

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