Marketers Want S’More Technology [Infographic]

Just like the scouts, marketers should always be prepared. Having the right technology solutions in their pack can help them adapt to any consumer environment, be it mobile, desktop, or in-store.

According to Skyword and Researchscape International’s survey of 190 U.S. marketers from large enterprises, 58% of respondents say they adopted new technology in the past year. In fact, 21% of respondents say their department works with 11 or more technology providers. Design software (52%), social media monitoring (51%), and analytics (47%) are some of the most popular solutions marketers say their teams use.

But the road to implementing new technology can be an uphill climb. For 29% of respondents, it takes four to six months to fully integrate new technologies. Restructuring one’s team can help marketing departments optimize their technological potential. According to the study, 38% of respondents say they reorganized their team in the past year. And those who did were nearly three times as likely to invest in technology within the past three months as those who did not (24% versus 9%).

To better establish your own organization’s mar-tech bearings, check out the infographic below. 

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