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Marketers Share Their Social Side at the 2015 Marketing Hall of Femme

James Brown famously sang, “This is a man’s world” in his 1966 hit song, It’s a Man’s  Man’s Man’s World.

For a long time, he was right; Brown still is in many regards. But during the past five decades there certainly have been strides, especially in marketing. A ballroom full of female marketing leaders gathered last Friday at the Grand Hyatt in New York to acknowledge and celebrate women’s progress in marketing during the Direct Marketing News 2015 Marketing Hall of Femme awards ceremony.

When attendees weren’t busy sharing personal stories, glamorizing with Dior, gaining insight, or networking while sipping mimosas, they were absorbed in social media fodder that documented the afternoon’s festivities.

Here, we share a snapshot of the social chatter and photographic highlights that are sure to build anticipation for next year. Enjoy.

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