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Marketers Make Their 2013 Wish List

What’s on marketers’ wish list in 2013? Direct Marketing News asked readers to share what they’d like to see more, or less, of in the coming year. Respondents say they’d like to increase their staff, gain more influence over customer service, and have more robust analytics; they’re also looking for less brouhaha over Big Data and social media. Most aren’t so keen on the CMO title, but some would welcome the challenge. Ultimately, a bit more technology and a bit less hype would be welcome changes in 2013, as noted below in their top responses:

Budget aside, what tops your 2013 wish list?
40% Additional staff
28% Update software/tech tools
18% Better collaboration with IT, sales, and/or service
12% A new job

If you could purchase or upgrade one technology solution this year, what would it be?
24% Marketing automation

What is the one technology solution that you couldn’t do without?
26% Email
24% Analytics platform
16% CRM

What’s currently over-complicating your work life?
38% Incorporating social media into your marketing strategies/tactics
34% Staffing issues
28% Big Data strategies

Which departments would you want reporting to marketing?
58% Customer service
33% Sales
29% IT

If you could have the CMO title tomorrow would you want it?
26% No
14% Yes
6% I already have the CMO title

When asked why/why not, respondents said:

No, because…

  • CMO role is changing to be tech-focus; I prefer the creative side and anticipate the CMO breaking off to a new set of roles/responsibilities and the emergence of a new C-level role focusing on creative execution in the coming years
  • Too much pressure on IMMEDIATE results
  • No tools
  • Too many chefs, not enough cooks
  • I would want the Chief Analytics Officer title
  • Too many numbers, not enough creativity
  • It’s just a title. Happy with mine
  • Marketing strategies tend to change when the wind blows

Yes, because…

  • It’s time for a change of the guard who isn’t afraid to try new tools and invest in the future
  • It´s my professional target
  • Of the elevated thought process to more strategic, less tactical
  • I have the drive, creativity, and leadership skills to take our marketing team to the next level; I would welcome the challenge and opportunity
  • Hopefully a new title brings a bigger salary
  • By allowing me to operate “above the weeds” I could take the vision that I have and begin implementing it;  I have a solid plan, I believe that what I envision will work, and I’m passionate about the product/service that we offer

What topic is so important to your business that you can’t learn enough about it?
24% Content marketing
17% Testing and modeling
15% Sales and marketing collaboration
15% Social CRM/social marketing

What topic is completely over-hyped?
37% Social CRM/social marketing
24% Gamification
17% Big Data

What bit of marketing jargon could you do without?
Big Data
Incremental growth
Upside, win-win
Blue sky, 30,000 feet, think outside the box
Synergies, collaboration, stakeholders
Optimize, maximize, monetize

What marketing jargon are you guilty of over-using?
Big Data
360-degree marketing, 360-degree view of the customer
Incremental growth
Upside, win-win
Influence, influencer
Thought leadership
What was the ROI on this?

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