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Mallin to leave Infogroup next month

Ed Mallin, president of Infogroup’s services group, will leave the company after more than two decades there in mid-November. Franklin Rios, currently president of Infogroup’s enterprise solutions division, will replace him.

“It’s been an amazing ride and I’ve been able to do great things here,” Mallin said. “Clare Hart and CCMP have brought great vision going forward, and I made the decision with [Hart] in July that if I was going to make a change, it would be towards the fall and latter part of the year.”

“It gave me time to work closely with her on transition projects, and over the next 30 days I’ll work hard to get as much finalized as I can and then move forward with the next phase of my career,” he continued.

Mallin was a cofounder of Compilers Plus, which was the first in a long line of Infogroup acquisitions. He has played a major role in many of the company’s acquisitions since then.

“Ed has been an executive with the firm for many years and is a fabulous mentor,” said Clare Hart, CEO of Infogroup. “He takes a lot of his knowledge of the business, marketplace and customers with him. He built a great succession plan and has great people on his team, so there should be very little disruption in the marketplace because our customers have such good relationships with our various divisions.”

Rios joined Infogroup in July from Vertis, a targeted marketing and advertising firm, where he was head of interactive sales and marketing, handling brands such as Best Buy, Kroger, Anheuser-Busch and CVS.

Hart was named CEO in July after private equity group CCMP finalized its acquisition of Infogroup.

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