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LSC Offers Business & Leisure File

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, yesterday debuted the LSC Business & Leisure compiled file of 2.9 million consumers at business address.

The file is compiled from primary direct mail sources and is 70 percent male.

Aside from selects including geography, hotline, telephone number and gender, the file also offers enhanced selects such as age, income, presence of children, age of children, interest categories, SIC code, title, sales volume, employee size and year started.

The file has a base price of $120/M. List Services suggests it for offers including financial, office supplies, general merchandise, home/garden, travel, subscriptions, continuity clubs and fundraising appeals.

In other List Services news, the firm also announced the debut of the Shopping America database of over 14.8 million last 12-month retail buyers.

More information can be obtained from the firm at 203/743-2600

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