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Lowe's Starts Online Service for Cardholders

Lowe's Cos., which owns national home improvement retail centers, began a service yesterday that will allow the company's credit cardholders to receive and pay their bills online.

The new service is made possible through a partnership with CheckFree I-Solutions, a provider of interactive online billing and financial statement applications.

Lowe's customers can sign up for and learn about the service by clicking on a “Save Some Time” icon at Lowes.com. Once a customer signs up for the service, he can disignate a bank, credit union or brokerage account from which to pay future bills. Customers can view and pay their bills from roughly 275 financial services sites and Internet portals.

Lowe's, Wilkesboro, NC, serves about 6 million credit cardholders. The Lowe's Web site provides consumers with advice on home improvement and markets more than 3,000 major appliances and 8,000 related tools.

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