Loving tips for improving e-mail campaigns this Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, e-mail inboxes will once again begin overflowing with promotional e-mails. Since consumers usually decide whether to open and click on an e-mail in less than five seconds, it’s crucial for marketers to cut through the clutter with e-mails that get noticed.

Philosophy has done just that. The beauty e-commerce retailer has created a Falling in Love e-mail campaign for its romantic, sensual fragrance with the fun, whimsical look that characterizes the philosophy brand.

From the subject line “Fall in love with two free gifts” through a sweet and subtle heart animation that ties together the e-mail, the company has been able to achieve the right combination of elements to get noticed by both prospects and customers.

By following a few simple tips and best practices this Valentine’s Day, you too can make over even the most simple e-mail campaigns to build brand consistency, improve ROI, increase customer loyalty and significantly boost conversions.

First of all, keep in mind that the “From” address is the first thing people see. Make sure your company’s name prominently appears in the “From” address. And never use a generic “From” address that includes a vague alias like [email protected]. Instead, try [email protected].

Also remember that the subject line is the most important element of your campaign, because it either gets people to open your e-mail or delete it. Always feature your company’s name in the subject line and make sure the subject line text is catchy, specific and actionable. But keep it short: 6 words or less.

It’s always good to put your dominant call to action above the fold, such as “Order online within the next 48 hours for Free Shipping.” If the action is a button, make sure to offer a text link as well.

Repeating a call to action multiple times at the end of each content section is also a good thing. Offer buttons and text links throughout the e-mail. Not doing so is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Provide a footer with your company contact information, a button to update the consumer’s personal information, a link to your privacy policy and a clear opt-out mechanism.

Every business should leverage this special time of year to “share the love.” Whether it’s a simple thank you e-card or a customer reward, don’t miss this opportunity to engage your prospects and customers in a rosy e-mail experience this Valentine’s Day.

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