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Live from DMA2012: Modeling, social listening, and segmentation

DMA2012 is up and running in Las Vegas this week and Direct Marketing News editors are on the scene to report on the latest innovations being served up by exhibitors. Here is a rundown from Day One.

SNAP solution for social data

BBN, LexisNexis, and Visible Technologies announced a partnership today at DMA2012 on a project to bring more structure to unstructured social media data. Their Social Network Assessment Platform (SNAP) is described as a “full-loop listening solution” that identifies “circles of influence” in offline and social channels, uses analytical tools to segment them, and reports campaign performance and optimization opportunities for B2B advertisers.

AmeriLINK Aids

KBM Group introduced three products to help marketers make more insightful use of its 240-million-person AmeriLINK database. On Demand Profile identifies top customer characteristics to aid the targeting of prospects with similar traits. On Demand Clone Modeling, meanwhile, weights customer variables and calculates scores on the likelihood of prospects to respond, convert, activate, or purchase. And Kosmos List Delivery System allows users to configure AmeriLINK lists in a new range of formats. 

Yesmail advocates smart mail

Noting that analytical tools for email marketing have not advanced in tandem with today ‘s complex programs, Yesmail Interactive introduced a forecasting tool for predicting the success of upcoming campaigns. Using the tool, marketers can enter different assumptions about their marketing plans and receive visual analyses of the impacts on long-term revenue and ROI. It can also predict the size and health of a subscriber database based on historical performance.

Iron Mountain aims to remove complexity

Industries saddled with onerous standards and regulations face added challenges with their email communications. Some, like pharmaceutical companies, face time delays due to lengthy attachments that accompany drug releases. In insurance, marketers often need to create variations of collateral for individual salespeople based on location because reps aren’t licensed to sell in every state. Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services introduced eDelivery, an enhancement to its GroupTrak software, to help overcome such complications. It helps marketers pull in pre-approved copy from company libraries, control document use by individual, and track delivery of large attachments via hyperlinks.

Cross-channel segmentation from Aprimo

Integration in cross-channel digital messaging is the goal for Aprimo’s new Digital Messaging Center. The cloud-based solution enables marketers to combine insights drawn from their CRM system and social media activities to improve segmentation. It includes Social Adapter, a tool marketers can use to craft more personalized messages and offers. The technology behind the product comes from eCircle, which was recently acquired by Aprimo’s parent company, Teradata. Digital Messaging Center can be purchased separately or as part of Aprimo’s Integrated Marketing Management suite.

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