List Professional Loring Dies at 58

Barton Loring, founder of list and insert media firm Loring Direct Response, died Dec. 14 at his home in New City, NY.

Loring began his career in direct marketing more than 25 years ago. He started Loring Direct Response in 1999 after serving at firms such as TLS, Generation Marketing, CMT Behaviorbank, Microreach Data Systems and Prospect List Resource.

As an active member of the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association, Loring was a regular participant in the group's sessions.

“He was a well-known expert on the craft of direct marketing,” said Rich Mercado, president of the HVDMA and senior manager at Madison Direct Marketing. “Many of us enjoyed his knowledge and opinions during HVDMA sessions. We will all miss him.”

Loring is survived by his wife, Susan, sons Garrett and Heath, and daughter Tiffany, as well as his sister, Mady Shihar.

Religious services were held yesterday at Higgins Funeral Home, New City. The family will observe Shiva at home today and tomorrow until sundown.

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