List Firm Offers Voter Data to Insurance, Financial Marketers

Voter list provider Inc. is offering voter registration data, including date of birth, to insurance and financial marketers to help them locate customers they have lost track of over the years.

The public voter registration data for more than 2,000 U.S. towns and counties were compiled by e-Merges from January through April last year. The information will be updated by May.

“It's really tricky for companies to try to work with this data on their own,” said Shawn Harmon, president of e-Merges, Annapolis, MD. “There are a lot of regulations and restrictions state by state and county by county.”

It is common for marketers such as life insurance providers to lose track of policyholders over the years, Harmon said.

Because National Change of Address records have limitations, he said, matching voter records with date of birth to undeliverable house file names is an effective way for insurers to locate these customers.

Through e-Merges, insurance and financial marketers can purchase the voter data for a one-time fee of $20 per thousand.

“The model in the industry is that companies pay each time they want to use data,” Harmon said. “We offer this data for sale and unlimited usage.”

Also, e-Merges is offering a 35 percent commission to recognized brokers through March 30.

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