List Briefs: Statlistics Gets Health Product Buyer Files

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, announced its management of the R-Garden file and package insert program of mail-order buyers of health products such as natural remedies and self-help solutions.

R-Garden's Rose Creek Health Products mail-order buyer list has more than 89,200 last-12-month buyers of nutritional products and natural remedies.

The file has an age range of 40-55 and average unit of sale of $60. Geography, recency and gender selects are available. The file has a base price of $100/M.

The R-Garden package insert program consists of 90,000 inserts annually and costs $65/M.

Statlistics recommends the file and package insert program for offers including insurance, credit cards, self-help, new age, general merchandise, apparel, health newsletters, cooking, subscriptions, books and outdoor-related goods.

ALC Gains Thomson Publishing Files

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, announced its management of several new publication postal and e-mail files from Thomson Media. Though ALC already managed more than 50 Thomson Media list properties, the publisher recently acquired the following trade publications and awarded list management to ALC:

* DM Review with 76,800 postal subscribers at a base price of $205/M and 57,400 e-mail registrants at $350/M.

* Electronic Commerce World with 63,300 postal subscribers at a base price of $120/M and 35,900 e-mail registrants at $350/M.

* Employee Benefit News with 50,700 postal subscribers at a base price of $160/M.

* Financial Planning Magazine with 69,700 postal subscribers at a base price of $160/M.

* Journal of Business Strategy with 1,500 postal subscribers at a price of $750 flat.

* Health Data Management with 47,000 postal subscribers at a base price of $165/M and 26,600 e-mail registrants at $350/M.

* On Wall Street with 74,200 postal subscribers at a base price of $160/M.

* Security Industry News with 7,700 postal subscribers at a base price of $140/M.

* Technology in Practice with 35,000 postal subscribers at a base price of $120/M.

In addition, Thomson restructured its data into mailer-friendly databases such as:

* Thomson Media Masterfile with 647,000 subscribers.

* Thomson Media Senior Management with 286,200 subscribers.

* Thomson Media IT Management/Tech with 68,100 subscribers.

* Thomson Media Sales & Marketing Management with 39,200 subscribers.

* Thomson Media Financial Management with 48,000 subscribers.

* Thomson Media Financial Services with 129,200 subscribers.

* Thomson Media High Income with 153,200 subscribers.

Other Thomson list properties managed by ALC include US Banker, Medical Economics, WG&L and the American Health Consultants newsletters.

DecisionMaker Offers Trade Pub Files

DecisionMaker Media Management, formerly Cahners Business Lists, Oak Brook, IL, gained list management of two new-to-market trade publication files.

The Gifts & Decorative Accessories file has more than 24,100 subscribers including retailers, manufacturers and vendors of general gift merchandise, stationery, personal-care products, decorative accessories, greeting cards, jewelry and more.

The Playthings file has more than 8,500 subscribers to this publication for retailers and manufacturers of toys and children's entertainment products. This publication reaches businesses such as department stores, discount stores, hobby shops and toy stores.

Both files offer geography and business-type selects and have base prices of $125/M.

Edith Roman Picks Up Publishing Files

Edith Roman Associates, Pearl River, NY, assumed management of the North American Publishing Co. postal file of more than 206,700 subscribers and e-mail file of more than 111,200 addresses.

The NAPCO U.S. Subscriber Masterfile and its E-Mail Masterfile consist of subscribers to NAPCO publications such as Booktech the Magazine, Business Forms, Labels & Systems, Catalog Success, Dealerscope, In-Plant Graphics, Printing Impressions, PrintMedia, Target Marketing and Promotional Marketing.

Selects on these files include geography, job function, industry and employee size. Base price for the postal file is $115/M. The e-mail file is $275/M. Edith Roman recommends these files for computer, office product, credit card, Internet and educational offers.

List Services Opens Illinois Office

Bethel, CT-based List Services Corp. opened a regional office in Lake Bluff, IL.

Christie Elliott Krupka, who recently joined the firm's list brokerage division, opened the satellite office. She has more than seven years of direct marketing experience and previously served as an account executive with The McNichols Group Inc.

Krupka can be reached at the new office via telephone at 847/482-9602, fax at 847/482-9603 and e-mail at [email protected]

Mal Dunn Snaps Up PhotoWorks Lists

Mal Dunn Associates Inc., Brewster, NY, was named list manager for the PhotoWorks mail-order buyer file and package insert program.

The PhotoWorks Mail Order Buyer file consists of more than 558,800 direct mail buyers of photo-finishing services. It is split 50/50 between male and female buyers and has an average unit of sale ranging from $15 to $30.

Selections include geography, gender, recency and unit of sale. Also available on the file are more than 222,700 buyers of pictures on CD-ROM and more than 73,300 digital camera users. The base price is $70/M.

The PhotoWorks Package Insert Program consists of 297,000 packages annually and has a price of $60/M.

Millard Debuts New Chadwick's List

Millard Group, Peterborough, NH, debuted the list for Chadwick's Real Comfort catalog with more than 560,200 last-12-month buyers.

Real Comfort buyers are 92 percent female with an average age of 48 and an average purchase of $85. Selections include geography, recency, dollar, credit card, last purchase and multi-buyers. Base price on the file is $105/M.

Millard recommends it for apparel, home dŽcor, general merchandise, children's products, book and magazine offers.

Mokrynski Takes Delia's List

Mokrynski & Associates Inc., Hackensack, NJ, won management of the Delia's catalog file of more than 662,700 last-12-month buyers.

This file of Generation Y households is 100 percent female with a $90 average unit of sale. Selects include geography, recency and dollar. Base price is $110/M. Mokrynski recommends the file for offers such as apparel, personal care, entertainment, sports, credit cards, publications and gifts.

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