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List Briefs: Millard Debuts Activa List

Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, announced the first-time availability of the Activa catalog file for list rental.

The Activa catalog has 64,100 last-12-month buyers of women's fitness gear such as apparel and footwear. The file is selectable by recency, geography, dollar, gender and product categories like apparel, accessory and footwear. Base price is $110/M.

Millard suggests this list for offers including health/fitness, women's apparel, women's footwear, fundraising, membership and outdoors.

ClientLogic Revamps Web Site

ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ, launched its revamped Web site with new data card search capabilities.

Users of the site at www.clientlogicsms.com now can search the firm's managed and compiled lists by list name, list owner and list type. Other features include new list announcements, counts, usage and client listings by category.

NextMark Updates Online List Tool

NextMark Inc., Hanover, NH, released version 5.4 of its online list research software, with 50 new features to help marketers find lists faster.

These features include more concise formatting of the results screen, highlighted keywords on data cards, advanced navigation controls, one-click access to add lists to campaigns and special search archiving. Other features include advanced commission models, list order line item profitability analysis, enhanced invoicing and billing with full computer verification information and a streamlined payments and receipts process.

A free trial is available at www.nextmark.com/products-services.html.

Direct Media Gets HCI Direct Files

HCI Direct, Bensalem, PA, hired Marijke Bekaert to head its database marketing division and announced that management of its list rental files was transferred to Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, effective Jan. 1.

Bekaert oversees list and package insert management for HCI Direct's businesses, including Silkies Made-to-Order Hosiery Service, Silkies Boutique and Silkies One Shots. Her responsibilities include list selections, suppressions, merge/purge, credit screening, file enhancements and modeling. Bekaert spent the past 11 years with Rodale Inc., most recently as senior director of database operations.

As of Jan. 1, Direct Media assumed management duties for the HCI Direct mailing lists, which include 2 million last-12-month continuity hosiery buyers. DMI also handles the Silkies statement and package insert programs from HCI Direct.

DecisionMaker Adds Title Data

DecisionMaker Media Management, Oak Brook, IL, created its title coding process, which it uses to add more job title information to its databases. The process lets DM2 increase the number of records with title data by 7 percent to 22 percent among its databases.

DM2 said that IT-related titles are up 69 percent, finance titles 45 percent, networking titles 38 percent and business development titles 23 percent. The process contains 458 departments for categorization purposes.

LSC Announces File Name Change

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, said that a client, Englander Communications, consolidated its 30 list titles under the corporate name Belvoir Media Group LLC.

Belvoir publishes health newsletters. Its files managed by LSC include Heart Advisor, Women's Health Advisor, Focus on Healthy Aging, Food & Fitness Advisor, Men's Health Advisor, Health News and Arthritis Advisor.

Under the new corporate name, the firm's master file is now called Health Newsletter Master File From Belvoir Media Group, and it includes the seven titles listed above.

Statlistics Offers Continuing-Education Attendees

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, was named list manager for Cortext Continuing Education Professionals from Jobson Publishing. The Cortext Continuing Education Group is a division of healthcare and medical publisher Jobson.

This file contains 346,300 attendees of continuing-education training events and users of print or online media. It is 100 percent direct mail sourced and is selectable by geography and job title. The base price is $105/M.

Statlistics suggests this file for offers such as self-improvement, diet, health/fitness, publishing, financial services, fundraising and catalogs.

Walter Karl Wins Smarthome

Walter Karl, a Donnelley Marketing Co., Pearl River, NY, was awarded management of the Smarthome catalog list of 99,900 last-12-month buyers.

The Smarthome catalog offers automation products and gadgets for the home. These buyers are 88 percent male with an average age range of 30-50, average income of $75,000-plus and an average unit of sale of $205. Selections include recency, geography, gender, dollar and product. Base price is $100/M.

Walter Karl suggests this file for electronics, gifts, collectibles, pet, gardening, fundraising, financial services and publishing offers.

Kristen Bremner covers list news and fundraising for DM News and DM News.com. To keep up with the latest developments in these areas, subscribe to our daily and weekly e-mail newsletters by visiting www.dmnews.com/newsletters

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