List Briefs: Direct Media Wins IS Lists

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, was named list manager for the Information Security postal and e-mail lists. Information Security is a controlled-circulation magazine for IT security professionals.

The Information Security postal file has 51,000 U.S. subscribers and a base price of $235/M. The e-mail file has 12,300 U.S. subscribers and a base price of $300/M. Selects on these lists include geography, gender, job title, job level, industry type, budget, number of employees, operating system and purchasing influence.

DecisionMaker Gets Travel List

DecisionMaker Media Management, formerly Cahners Business Lists, Oak Brook, IL, announced its appointment as list manager for the Business Travel Planners subscriber file of 11,700 travel professionals.

Business Travel Planners is a quarterly reference guide of hotel listings, ground, airport and charter information from Northstar Travel Media.

The file is selectable by geography, business type, job function, title and telephone number. Base price is $110/M.

Edith Roman Awarded Tech Subscriber File

Edith Roman Associates, Pearl River, NY, won list management duties for the Database Trends and Applications subscriber file from Unisphere Media LLC.

The Database Trends and Applications file has 14,600 subscribers to this publication for information systems professionals. Selections include geography, job title, industry type, database installed and server platform. Base price for this list is $175/M.

Edith Roman suggests the file for offers such as computer hardware/software, books, training, seminars, electronics, business catalogs, subscriptions, financial services and high-ticket gifts.

Walter Karl Gets Gadget Buyers List

Walter Karl, a Donnelley Marketing Co., Pearl River, NY, took management of the list of 43,000 online buyers of gadgets and toys.

The file is 56 percent female with an age range of 30-45 and an average income of $70,000. The average purchase is $45+. The list is selectable by geography, gender, recency, dollar, product category and telephone numbers.

Walter Karl suggests the file for offers such as gifts, high-tech, gadgets, travel, self-improvement, credit cards, magazines, books, general merchandise, music/video clubs and fundraising.

Worldata Offers Media File

Worldata, Boca Raton, FL, was appointed list manager for the PR News from PBI Media list of 22,900 subscribers.

The PR News from PBI Media file consists of senior-level media and communications professionals. Subscribers pay $597 for 48 weekly issues and annual special reports.

Geography selects are available. The base price is $175/M. This is the first time the file is available as an independent list.

MetaResponse Manages Sales List

MetaResponse Group, Deerfield Beach, FL, announced the first-time availability of the Sales & Marketing Postal File.

The Sales & Marketing Postal File consists of 24,200 active members who registered on the Web to receive the twice-monthly Just Sell newsletter for sales and marketing professionals. The file is more than 50 percent male and has a base price of $125/M. Selects include geography, gender, postal and e-mail addresses.

MetaResponse suggests this list for offers such as business-to-business services, office equipment, books, magazines, catalogs, financial services, computer hardware/software and credit cards.

MeritDirect Takes Book File

MeritDirect, White Plains, NY, was appointed list manager for the R.R. Bowker Book Industry Master File of publishers, libraries, bookstores, schools and other book vendors.

The file contains 330,000 contacts including 150,700 publishers, 32,000 libraries, 26,800 bookstores and 85,500 schools. Selections are geography, gender, company type, product type and maximum per company. Base price is $100/M.

Millard Adds Rodale Travel Database

Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, introduced the new-to-market Rodale Travel Master File of 1.9 million last-12-month travelers.

People on the file are active Rodale book buyers and subscribers whose travel interests were identified through InfoBase and Rodale's own survey data.

The file is 65 percent female with an average age of 55 and average income of $60,000. Selections include geography, gender, recency, age, income, presence of children, age/gender of children, source, paid, ethnicity and travel details such as cruise, family and foreign travel. The base price is $95/M.

Response Media Debuts HR List

Response Media Products, Atlanta, was named list manager for the newly available Human Resources Executives Master File of 135,000 active members at postal address.

The file consists of human resources executives who signed up to get news, tips and a weekly e-mail newsletter about their profession. It is selectable by geography, gender, job function, number of employees, industry and HR specialty. The base price is $110/M.

Rubin Response Introduces Crafting File

Rubin Response Management Services Inc., Schaumburg, IL, gained list management of the Paper Wishes file of 22,000 catalog and Internet buyers of scrapbooking materials.

The file is 98 percent female with an age range of 25-50 and average household income of $40,000. Selects are geography and recency, and the base price is $95/M.

Rubin Response suggests this list for crafting offers such as scrapbooking, card making and other paper crafts as well as general merchandise.

Crain Files Go to Statlistics

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, took list management of the Crain Communications Small Business Owners database as well as the three individual files that comprise it.

Crain Communications Small Business Owners contains 22,500 subscribers to Crain controlled-circulation publications American Coin-Op, American Clean Car and American Drycleaner.

The American Coin-Op file consists of 8,000 owners, operators and managers of coin-operated laundry establishments.

The American Clean Car file reaches 4,900 car wash and detailing professionals.

The American Drycleaner list has 9,500 dry-cleaning professionals.

These four files all have base prices of $145/M. Geography is selectable on each.

Lake Group Ropes Magazine List

Lake Group Media Inc., Rye, NY, was selected to manage the Western Horseman magazine file of 143,000 active subscribers to this equestrian publication.

The file is 55 percent male with an average age of 37 and average income of $82,000. Of the subscribers, 93 percent own horses. The unit of sale is $22 per year for 12 issues. The file is selectable by geography and recency. Base price is $100/M.

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