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List Briefs: ALC-NY Offers Bliss Out Rentals

ALC of New York LLC has been appointed list manager for the Bliss Out catalog rental file of 56,000 last-12-month mail-order buyers of skin-care and beauty products.

The file is mostly female with an average age of 44 and average household income exceeding $150,000. The average unit of sale is $125. Selections available are geography, recency, gender and dollar. The base price for rental is $115/M.

ALC of NY suggests this list for offers such as gift, apparel, jewelry, accessories, home furnishings, fundraising, publishing, credit card and epicurean. The Bliss Out file has been available on a limited exchange basis since 2000.

ClientLogic Manages Marine Files

ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ, was awarded list management of two marine magazine titles from the consumer group of Primedia Inc.

Sail magazine has a circulation of 175,000 subscribers. The file is mostly male with an average age of 53 and average household income around $235,000.

Power & Motoryacht magazine has a circulation of 156,000 subscribers. The file is mostly male with an average age of 53 and an average household income around $256,000.

Selects on these files include geography, gender, recency, paid, source and change of address. ClientLogic also manages the Primedia automotive files.

MarketTouch Proffers Donor Lists

MarketTouch, Lawrenceville, NJ, was selected as list manager for five files of conservative donors totaling more than 500,000 names.

The Americans for Judicial Reform list has 85,300 donors who promote a conservative judiciary system.

The Americans Against the Liberal Agenda file contains 129,700 donors who gave an average of $35.76 to a conservative public interest group.

The Republican Active Telephone Donors list has 75,400 pro-family donors with an average gift of $35 that goes to getting out the Christian vote for Republican political candidates.

The Republican Conservative Voter Drive Donors file consists of 112,100 donors who gave to state and local voter registration drives for conservative candidates.

The Compassionate Conservative Donors list has 129,700 donors who gave generously by direct mail to support a national Christian watchdog organization.

Selections on these files include geography, gender and donation amount. New demographic selections via MarketTouch RealAmerica Enhancements include age, income and presence of children. Base price on the files is $75/M.

These conservative donors are perfect for offers including political, social, environmental, health and Christian fundraising appeals and consumer offers including collectibles, epicurean, apparel, credit card/financial, seminars/conferences, book/magazine and insurance.

MeritDirect Announces BusinessWeek Additions

MeritDirect, White Plains, NY, announced the availability of the newly enhanced BusinessWeek E-Mail List Master File through its list management division.

The enhancements increase selectivity on the file. New selects include standard industry classifications such as agriculture, mining, construction, transportation, manufacturing, retail trade and wholesale trade. Also selectable are job titles including top management, middle management, financial management and sales and marketing management.

These selects cost $25/M on top of the file's $300/M base price. MeritDirect suggests this file for business-to-business offers such as computer hardware/software, seminars, publications and office supplies as well as consumer goods.

MetaResponse Group Wins Executive List

MetaResponse Group, Deerfield Beach, FL, took management of the Hoover's Business Executive Master File of 151,900 U.S. senior executives. Hoover's compiles this file of executives at public and private companies through research.

Selections include executive titles such as chairman, president, CEO, executive director and sales and marketing executive. There are also 8,600 Canadian and 42,300 international executives on the file. Base price for this list is $125/M.

MetaResponse suggests this file for business-to-business offers such as seminars, books, magazines, newsletters, financial, mobile communications devices and Internet services.

Millard Offers Movie Fans

Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, is offering the FlixTixOnline.com file of 1.2 million online subscribers to this movie-related Web site.

Selections include geography, age and gender. The largest portion of the file has an age range of 24-35 with 650,000 subscribers. The 18-23 age range has 350,000 subscribers, and the 13-17 age grouping contains 75,000 subscribers.

The names are available at postal address, and the base price is $110/M. Millard suggests these subscribers as prospects for Internet services, computer hardware/software, books, music and personal electronics.

Mokrynski Nabs Catalog File

Mokrynski & Associates Inc., Hackensack, NJ, announced its management of the Originals Casual Wear list of 39,800 catalog buyers of women's clothing.

The file is 78 percent female with an average age of 45+ and average income of $50,000+. The average order is $75. Selections include geography, gender, recency and dollar. Base price is $100/M.

Mokrynski suggests this list for apparel, jewelry, accessory, gift, home dŽcor, general merchandise, health, credit card, fundraising, publishing and travel offers.

Statlistics Walks Away With Catalog Buyers

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, took list management of the Walker's Warehouse buyers file of 79,800 last-8-month catalog and Web purchasers of footwear, apparel and walking accessories.

The Walker's Warehouse catalog and Web site specialize in gear for fitness walkers such as sneakers, clothing, pedometers, heart monitors and walking poles. Walker's Warehouse is an affiliate of Prevention magazine.

The file is 88 percent female with an average age of 25 and average household income of $60,000. The average unit of sale is $90. Selects on the list are geography, recency, gender, dollar and Internet buyer. Base price is $95/M.

Worldata Takes Subscriber File

Worldata, Boca Raton, FL, announced its appointment as list manager for the Open Magazine postal and e-mail lists.

Open Magazine targets Linux and Open Source Computing professionals. Its subscribers work in industries such as computer manufacturing, education, health, engineering, accounting and government.

The postal file contains 50,100 subscribers and has a base price of $225/M. The e-mail list has 44,700 subscribers and a base price of $300/M. Worldata suggests these subscribers as prospects for high-tech products and services as well as training, publications and other business-to-business offers.

Response Media Gets Donor List

Response Media Products Inc., Atlanta, was named list manager for the National Parkinson Foundation Donor Master File of nearly 55,000 last-12-month contributors.

The file is 46 percent female, and selects include geography, recency and dollar. The total 24-month file has 83,000 names. This list is available on an exchange-only basis.

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