LinkedIn acquires job-matching company Bright for a $120 million

LinkedIn announced yesterday that it spent a whopping $120 million to buy job-matching company Bright.

Bright’s platform worked using a learning algorithm to match relevant jobs to its users. Members of the Bright team will be incorporated into LinkedIn, and the service will run on its own till February 28.

In a blog post by VP of product Parker Barile, LinkedIn indicated that we could expect improvements in its job matching features, with the addition of the Bright team.

Ultimately though, our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce — all three billion of them. Doing so will require increasing the volume of job opportunities available on LinkedIn. As we add more job listings over the next several years, Bright’s powerful matching technology will be integral to ensuring that the prospects we suggest to employers and opportunities we surface for prospects are increasingly relevant.

On the back of its stronger-than-expected Q4 earnings, LinkedIn will be in a buoyant mood, which of course makes it the right time to announce this acquisition, which cost a million dollars more than its purchase of SlideShare.

And here are the two acquisitions, blended seamlessly, in this slideshow created by LinkedIn.

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