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Levi’s launches social media shopping tool on Facebook

Levi’s has partnered with Facebook to introduce a social media tool that lets consumers shop for jeans from the social network.

The Levi’s brand is one of the first companies to integrate with Facebook’s “Social Plugins” tool. The platform, powered by Open Graph, allows brands to create pages for products on Facebook that consumers can “like.” The items then appear in a Facebook user’s news feed, as well as on the brand’s e-commerce site. Consumers can use a recommendation widget to highlight products to friends.

“This is a great way for our brand ambassadors to put megaphones to their lips and tell the world how much they love Levi’s,” said Megan O’Connor, director of digital and social marketing at Levi Strauss & Co., which launched the service April 22. 

Levi’s is featuring the top “liked” products on its shopping site levi.com. The denim brand has also built a “friend store” where consumers logged onto Facebook can see a list of their friends’ favorite Levi’s products and shop on the social network.

“We think this will change shopping for jeans online,” said O’Connor. “My friends can see that it is my birthday in two weeks from Facebook and then I can say, ‘Here are my favorite jeans.’”

O’Connor said this approach differs from having a fan page. “We have put the consumer at the center of the shopping experience,” said O’Connor.

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