Letter: What’s the Point of Check Marketer List Story?

Being a list manager and list broker for the past 10 years, I am confused as to the message of the article (“Check Marketer Prizes Privacy Over List Revenue,” Sept. 22) on the front page of DM News.

If I were a list owner who had just read this article, I would consider taking my list off the market. Is that the point of this article? Why would you print an article that seems to urge list owners to take their file off the market? I simply cannot see how this article does any good for the industry.

What were to happen to the DM industry and, consequently, DM News if catalog owners decided to take their lists off the market? The article would have been great if it were the other way around. Imagine if your writer chose to find a company that decided to start renting its list and was happy with the additional revenue received from list rental.

James Curcuruto, The Other List Company Inc.,

[email protected]

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