Letter: Time to Remove Gustavson From the Canadian Marketing Association

I think it is now clear that John Gustavson is anti-outbound telemarketing (“Canadian DM Leader Backs DNC Efforts,” Oct. 7). He does not represent my company or other legitimate outbound telemarketers. It looks like he will go to any length to injure outbound telemarketing.

He and the Canadian Marketing Association have not been positive leaders even for regular CMA members who use outbound telemarketing. He has steadfastly refused to accept my offer to share Beautyrock data and experience. Our experience goes back to the beginnings of outbound telemarketing in the 1970s and includes data and literally millions of successful calls with hardly a whimper from the most vocal objectors to telemarketing. Our experience is not only anecdotal, but much more meaningful with all kinds of data, statistics and real results.

I think it is time to remove Gustavson from the presidency of CMA, to replace him with an experienced direct marketer who will lead the fight — yes, fight — to keep governments out of the telemarketing business; to promote free enterprise and democracy; to cooperate with criminal law enforcers at every level of direct marketing, not just telemarketing.

The CMA under Gustavson’s direction continues to stir the pot of government interference, even mischief based on anecdotes, not based on real data (which is the most basic principle of direct marketing); silly rulemaking under the guise of compromise; rules without teeth like calling-hour rules, do-not-call lists and predictive dialer restrictions, and now ridiculous opt-in-out rules, with all kinds of exceptions and exemptions. This subject of opt-in-out should not even be on the table.

I invite DM News to my shops anytime to see and hear firsthand, real outbound telemarketing experience, (not anecdotal “evidence” from telemarketing critics) so that you can share that real evidence with your readers, even government officials.

Stan Body, President, Beautyrock Inc., Cornwall, ON

[email protected]

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