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Letter: StopJunkMail Survey Responses Are Biased, Misleading

I saw in the March 26 DM News Daily an article on a StopJunkMail survey. Given that this survey was not unbiased, it is very misleading. The survey was done only among people who have signed up for this organization's service, which is to get off mailing lists. At that, to have 80 percent of the respondents say they don't mind getting catalogs shows that catalogs are wanted by even the vast majority of people who want empty mailboxes. This leads one to believe that the vast majority of Americans like receiving catalogs.

The second problem with this survey is because it is biased and it does not state that, most of the media will run the results of the survey and create the opinion that the people don't like catalogs, which ain't true.

Bill Dean, Founding partner, W.A. Dean & Associates, San Francisco,

[email protected]

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