Letter: Industry Has a Bright Future

I read the March 1 issue and article written by David Schwartz about the solid prospects ahead for us as an industry (“The Best Is Yet to Come for the Industry”). Just wanted to say that I agree strongly that things do look promising even in light of some difficult changes in the past couple years.

We have more stabilized postal rates and reform on the horizon that will continue to provide a solid foundation as well as the CAN-SPAM Act that we completely support. We have Bill Gates out in front saying that “illegitimate” (as defined) spam or unsolicited e-mail will be eradicated (pretty big words), and he and others are pursuing an aggressive strategy to put the legal hammers to egregious offenders.

We as an online and direct mail marketing services company applaud this and are pleased and hopeful about the current environment and the improving landscape.

After a lot of body blows to the industry, it seems David is right on with his view, and I hope that other mailers and companies realize this and the real effectiveness of direct marketing in the past, present and certainly the future.

Thank you, David, for accentuating the positive.

Mike Carney, President, DirectQlick.com Inc.

[email protected]

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