Letter: Greco Is Leading by Listening to DMA Members

I read Tad Clarke’s editorial about John Greco, the new head of the Direct Marketing Association, and had similar concerns (“Compliance Is Everybody’s Business,” Aug. 23). Bookspan, like yourself, is very ethically oriented (aka compliance), and we look to the DMA to lead in these areas. To lead, one must know its followers, and I’m happy to report that Mr. Greco is leading.

Today, I was called to my CEO’s office, and there was Mr. Greco discussing board issues and varied compliance, tax and USPS strategies with Markus Wilhelm, our CEO and DMA board member. This was not a meet and greet, but had been preceded by a working lunch between them. After Mr. Wilhelm excused himself to attend a meeting, Mr. Greco and I discussed prior DMA strategies for victory and their effectuation in contrast to recent setbacks. Before he left, I introduced him to our assistant director of postal and government affairs, Maxine Moss, and we discussed legislative issues. Unlike many “nice to meet you” people, Mr. Greco probably could recite all salient points we discussed – he listens and he will react.

In his editorial, Mr. Clarke stressed that the DMA “needs to hurry up” on guidelines because the FTC, et al, “won’t wait until next year.” The DMA isn’t an abstract but depends on its steady stars like Mark Micali and Jerry Cerasale. The galaxy just got brighter with Mr. Greco. I spent more time with him today than I did with his predecessor over the past few years.

We discussed follow-ups, and I’m sending him details of past successful strategies. When he “fits you into his schedule,” as he will, you’ll be glad he invested his time in client concerns and strategic government planning. I trust DM News will see that we have a leader who will solve problems and strategize with its clients to achieve legislative USPS success.

Robert J. Posch Jr., Senior vice president, Legal, Postal & Government Affairs, Bookspan

[email protected]

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