Letter: DMA Could Have Had Lots of Reasons for Executives Being on the DNC List

A little common sense would have deflected much of the media witch hunt related to Direct Marketing Association management names on the do-not-call list (“Newspaper Exploits DNC Loophole to Name Registrants,” Oct. 6). Why were DMA names on the list?

How ’bout:

1) It’s usual for management to insert their names into a program – for test purposes and validation that the program is working as designed.

2) Private decisions should remain private. The “list” was not supposed to be publicly available for any other purpose than its intended use.

3) You can work properly, diligently and effectively for a cause or product – and still choose to vote, or act, or purchase – something entirely different.

Mike Carney, call center support manager, Pacesetter Corp.

[email protected]

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