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MLS Computer Services 711 Directors Drive Arlington, TX 76011-5103 Tel: (817) 640-7007 Fax: (817) 649-7824 E-mail: [email protected] WWW: HTTP://www.mlsc.com Established: 1982 Employees: 70 Contact: Jerry Donald, Vice President

COMPANY PROFILE MLS Computer Services is a computer service bureau specializing in business to business and consumer data processing for the U.S., Canadian and International marketplaces. Our merge/purge and database software is not a purchased package, but has been designed and created by our in-house specialists. Our proprietary software was created to support the direct marketing industry with the greatest possible degree of flexibility.

A specific advantage of using MLS Computer Services is that we focus solely on providing computer services to our industry. In this way we avoid the dangers of “spreading ourselves too thin” across multiple services, and are therefore able to direct all of our energy toward the processing of your program.

MLS Computer Services has been in business since 1982. We have offices in both Arlington, Texas and Toronto, Ontario staffed with a total of 70 team members ready to understand your needs.

Products / Services

A general overview of the resources available to you is provided below:

*Consumer and business to business merge purge for the US, Canadian and International markets

*US Zip + 4 and address standardization

*US and Canadian NCOA

*US and Canadian Presort

*Canadian Manual Address Correction

*International List Hygiene

*Marketing Database Construction

*DMA and CDMA pander files

*List Maintenance & Fulfilment

*Customized Data programming & analysis

*PC-based count request systems, MLS-IQ

*Mapping Services

*i-mail or Interactive Direct Mail

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330 Old Country Road

Mineola NY 11501

2900 North Military Trail

Suite 140

Boca Raton FL 33431


New York Office:

Andrew Belth, Vice President, Sales

Telephone: 516-248-6100

Fax: 516-248-6364

Florida Office:

Paul Bouilland, Account Executive

Telephone: 561-988-3000

Fax: 561-988-5500

Company Profile:

Established in 1965, American Student List develops, maintains and markets one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of high school, college and pre-school through junior high school students in the United States, currently containing information on approximately 40 million individuals. In recent months, American Student List has broadened this database to include the Canadian market with the introduction of its' Canadian College Student Database.


Serving the direct mail industry for over thirty years, American Student List has provided targeted mailing lists to companies in diverse industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, Educational Services, Entertainment, Publishing and more. Targeted mailing lists include:

Canadian College Students: Over 300,000 Canadian College students and recent graduates segmented by Credit Offer Responders and College and University students attending 150 educational institutions.

College Students: 5 Million students attending approximately 1,100 Colleges and Universities across all geographic areas of the United States.

High School Students: Over 8.9 Million students ranging in age from 14 through 18 years old and segmented from grades 9 through 12.

College Bound High School Students: 3 Million Junior and Senior students who have declared an interest in attending college upon graduation.

Young Adults: 40 Million post High School and post College students aged 19 through 36 years old.

Pre-School/Elementary/Junior High School Students: 14 Million children ranging in age from 2 through 13 years old.

Multicultural Households: Over 300,000 new hotline names monthly within 14 diverse ethnic groups.

Religious Affiliation: 8 Million questionnaire respondents who have declared their affiliation with a particular ethnic group.

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Val-Pak of Canada Limited

Val-Pak of Canada Limited

40 Wynford Drive, Suite 301

Don Mills, Ontario M3C 1J5

Tel: 416-510-5001

Fax: 416-510-5002

Email: [email protected]

Established: 1968

Employees: 700 corporate employees,

300 franchisees across North America

Contact: Patrick Frye, Manager of National Sales

Company Profile

Established in 1968, Val-Pak was the first-ever local cooperative direct mailer. Today, Val-Pak is the largest cooperative direct mailer in North America with more than 40,000 local merchant, national direct response, food franchise and consumer package goods clients. In 1997, Val-Pak delivered more than 11 billion coupons in its familiar blue envelope to targeted homes and businesses in local markets throughout North America. With more than 52 million homes and businesses mailed in Canada and the US,

Val-Pak’s circulation base is three times larger than its nearest competitor.

Products / Services

Val-Pak of Canada Limited distributes the coupon-filled envelopes to more than 4.3 million households across Canada 6 to 8 times a year. Each complete distribution is nailed within a two week window. A wide mix of local and national contents enhance consumer appeal and opening rates, which help to establish Val-Pak as the leader of direct mail. The highly recognized Val-Pak envelope features advertisements of local independent business owners, as well as national retailers and direct response clients.

With it’s Neighbourhood Trade Areas® (NTAs), Val-Pak can deliver advertising into areas of 10,000 homes which creates a very strong distribution network. In being able to target both local and national consumers, Val-Pak is the ideal vehicle to carry the message of any advertiser. Because Val-Pak is able to target specific territories, national clients receive the benefit of targeting by Geo-Demographic profiles and are able to use direct mail for the purpose of generating sales, leads and greater product awareness.

Coupon design and print production means Val-Pak provides one-stop quality service to advertisers.

Val-Pak is highly recognized by Canadian consumers, partly because of solid marketing support for the envelope, done so through full colour ads in popular consumer and trade publications such as TV Guide, Canadian Living, Homemakers, Foodservice and Hospitality and several others. Research conducted by the Angus Reid Group shows that the blue Val-Pak envelope has an 89 per cent opening rate, while 79 per cent of consumers said they want to receive more coupons. This research also found that the awareness of the Val-Pak name was more than three times higher than any other cooperative envelope in Canada.

Celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year, Val-Pak has 44 franchisees from coast to coast in Canada and 205 in the US.

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DM Group NA, Inc.

DM Group NA, Inc.

251 West Garfield Rd., # 220

Aurora, OH 44202 USA

Tel: 330-995-0864

Fax: 330-995-0873

E-mail: [email protected]

Established: 1990

Employees: 15

Contact: Robert Hicks, President

Company Profile

Working to be number 1 in list management world wide! DM Group is now planning to open an office in Canada. With an office in Mexico City we understand the value, and the importance, of not only being knowledgeable on a global level but having close ties to the local country and its culture. The company's President, Robert Hicks, has more than 17 years experience in direct marketing with extensive hands-on in Canadian direct mail and marketing.

List Management:

We are a member of the D.M.A. in good standing; DM Group has had great success establishing itself in the Business to Business and Professional database management arena in the US and Internationally; last year we were one of Inc. Magazine's semifinalists for their Marketing Masters Awards; we have been written about numerous times in the DM News; and our track record for on-time list fulfillment and accuracy is spotless.

Products / Services

What DM Group brings to Canada:

* State of the art List Management and Fulfillment!

* Top notch List Marketing and Brokerage!

* World class Internet & E-mail Direct Marketing!

* Financial System Integrity!

* Functional Database Design and Management!

* First Class Customer Service!

DM Group with list management properties for Latin America, Mexico, India and the Middle East looks forward to expanding into the Canadian market.

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Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet

1 Diamond Hill Road

Murray Hill, NJ 07974

Tel: 908-665-5419

Fax: 908-665-5418

WWW: www.dnb.com

Established: 1841

Employees: 16,000 Worldwide

Contact: Diane Mammon

Company Profile

Dun & Bradstreet (D & B), a company of the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, is the world’s leading provider of business-to-business credit, marketing and purchasing information, and receivables management services. The corporation, which also includes Moody’s Investors Service and Reuben H. Donnelley, is headquartered in Murray Hill, NJ, employs 16,000 people in 38 countries.

Additional information about Dun & Bradstreet is available through www.dnb.com.

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ICOM Information & Communications, Inc.

ICOM Information & Communications, Inc.

41 Metropolitan Road

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1P 2T5

Tel: 416-297-4058

Fax: 416-297-7084

E-mail: [email protected]

Established: 1984

Employees: 235

US Contact: David Lefkowich General Manager, Canadian List Division

Company Profile

Who we are

ICOM is Canada's leading supplier of consumer response lists, custom data and 1-to-1 communications. For more than 14 years, ICOM has provided target marketing solutions to Fortune 500 companies in:

Packaged Goods Publishing

Pharmaceuticals Fundraising

Telecommunications General Merchandise

Automotive Retail

Financial Consumer Services

What we do

ICOM is the premier consumer data source in Canada with a robust database of demographic, lifestyle, brand usage and purchase behavior information on over 2 million households in that country.

ICOM's core competencies rest in three specific areas:

· to enable organizations to collect accurate and unbiased self-reported consumer data through a sponsored survey questionnaire delivered across the country

· to provide a cost effective delivery method (our TargetMail ™ Coop) for targeting consumers with specific brand usage and purchase behaviors at the household level.

· to provide research, market and brand analysis services coupled with full statistical profiling and modeling capabilities.

Products / Services

TargetSource™ Consumer Responder Database

The largest and most “data-rich” consumer list rental database in Canada, TargetSource is 100% direct mail response generated. It provides selectability by hundreds of household-level selects and is consistently replenished with the addition of 500,000 new names every six months (4,000,000 in the US).

Custom Data Collection

A custom question on ICOM's survey can give clients access to data specific to their market segment. What products or brands do consumers use? How frequently do they buy? How much do they spend? What drives the purchase decision?

The custom data is then used to drive client targeted marketing initiatives using solo mail, TargetMail ™ Coop, research, data analysis or other programs.

TargetMail Selective Coop

The TargetMail Selective Coop delivers the same level of unlimited selectability as solo mail… at coop mail pricing!

Clients can run concurrent targeting strategies to different market segments, each strategy driven by how every survey respondent answered the questions on the survey. No two TargetMail™ envelopes are the same – because no two households completed the survey the same way!


ICOM's internal Analytics team provides custom data analysis services to best suit clients' needs. Products and services include Customer Profile Analyses, Response Modeling, Customer Match Modeling, and Targeted Postal Walks. Other analyses can be tailored to client specifications.

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Prospects Unlimited

Prospects Unlimited

330 Front Street West

Suite 1100

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3B7

Tel: 416-581-1273

Toll-Free: 800-665-LIST

Fax: 416-581-0258

E-mail: [email protected]

Established: 1990

Employees: 15

Contact: Nancy Sprague, President

Company Profile

Prospects Unlimited, founded in 1990, is a Polk Canada Marketing Services Company, along with Compusearch Micromarketing Data & Systems, Polk Canada Vehicle Information Services and Infogroup.

Prospects Unlimited manages three of the largest consumer databases available in the Canadian marketplace today, with hundred of selection options. Prospects Unlimited also offers data processing services to improve the deliverability and accuracy of your customer files.

Products / Services

Database Rental

Prospects currently offers three databases , each with its own unique advantages.

Prospects Canada – 7,500,000 Canadian Names

The Prospect Canada database is sourced from retail purchase and real estate data. The database also contains individual demographics including exact age, language preference, gender and over 250 other selects. The entire database has been enhanced with geodynamic overlays using Statistic Canada Taxfiler, Census, as well as the PSYTE™ clustering system. Prospects Canada updates monthly to assure the highest delivery rate possible.

Prospects Canada offers mailers coverage, selectivity, and deliverability. It has become the basis for hundreds of mailer acquisition campaigns.

The Lifestyle Selector – 8000,000 Canadian Consumers

One of the most popular databases in the United States and Europe, The Lifestyle Selector in Canada offers the same benefits to mailers.

The Lifestyle Selector is made up of buyers of consumer goods who voluntarily complete and mail detailed questionnaires packed with the products they have bought. It delivers a large dynamic universe that you can use to target specific segments. The Lifestyle Selector makes it easy for you to find the top performing names that you need to find and keep more customers. This high performance list is constantly refreshed with new names, as it is updated bi-monthly. 100% direct mail responsive.

AdHOME – Over 400, Canadian Responders

AdHOME lists responders to the Valassiss Canadian Consumer Survey (mailed to over 3.5 million households a year). These consumers have taken the time to fill out a detailed survey on their purchase habits, demographic information, hobbies and interests. 100% direct mail responsive.

Data Doctor Services

Prospects has taken advantage of its computer technology, data and list management software, and extensive Canadian household databases management expertise to build a rapidly growing business that offers a wide range of file cleansing services.

File Cleansing

Clean up your customer files by using these services:

· Canadian National Change of Address (NCOA) Database

· Deliverabilty Verification

· Address Accuracy

File Enhancing

Energize customer files by appending information

· Individual – i.e., age, gender, home ownership, behavior/interest

· Household – i.e., language home value, phone number

· Geodynamics – i.e., age, home ownership, cluster code

File Analysis

Improve your marketing performance by diagnosing current customers

· Custom Modeling

· Profiling

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Data Services Inc.

Data Services Inc.

1800 Diagonal Road

Suite 600

Alexandria, VA 22314

Tel: 703-684-4409

Fax: 703-548-8959

E-mail: [email protected]

Established: 1967

Employees: 45

Contact: Jerry Messer / Mike Ollinger

Company Profile

Data Services International, based in the U.S., specializes in direct mail data processing services for U.S., Canadian and International direct mail programs. Within the scope of these services are complete systems for marketers who wish to market their products by mail to or within Canada. Our international Market-Link division provides mail distribution and other services on a worldwide basis. This includes mailing services for marketers who are specifically interested in Canada.

Products / Services

· Required Coordination with List Broker/Suppliers

· List Conversion/ Source Coding

· Suppressing of US and Foreign Addresses From Canadian files

· Address Standardization, Validation and Correction

· Postal Code Correction

· Canadian N.C.O. A. (Residents Only

· Merge/Purge, Residential and Business to the Required Parameters

· Canadian (MPS) Pander File Suppression

· Data Entry

· Database Development, Creation and Implementation

· Database Maintenance, List Selections, Order Fulfillment, Processing and Reports

· Output Processing

· Splits, Rekeys, Counts and Reports

· Canadian Letter Carrier Route Pre-Sorts (LCP) with the Required Accuracy Statements, Bag Tags, Facing Slips and Reports for all Levels of Mailing

· Required Coordination with Lettershop, Printers, etc.

· Required Output Media, Conversions, Labels, etc.

· Canadian Mail Distribution Services.

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100 Harborview Plaza

La Crosse, WI 54601-4071

Tel: 608-788-8700 or 800-831-6245

Fax: 608-788-1188

E-mail: [email protected]

WWW: www.postalsoft.com

Established: 1984

Employees: 350 (corp.)

Contact: Production Information Center

Company Profile

Postalsoft, from Firstlogic, Inc., is a leading line of software for postal automation, mail preparation, document output generation, and “distribute-then-print” systems. Postalsoft’s initial growth came from providing address parsing and standardization/correction software to the U.S. Postal Service, which lead to its involvement in commercial markets. Since then, Postalsoft has forged a solid reputation as the mailing industry’s foremost software developer. Postalsoft software users include mailing service bureaus, printers, publishers, data processing firms, financial organizations, insurance companies, direct mail/mail order firms, health care organizations, universities, and more.

Through its Postalsoft products, Firstlogic is developing a complete print-and-mail international mailing product line. The company’s current international products serve Canada and Puerto Rico. In addition, through a strategic partnership with AND Information Technology (Netherlands), Postalsoft will provide international address management software and datasets of postal codes for addresses worldwide.

Products / Services

The Postalsoft product line consists of multi-platform software for postal automation, mail preparation, and document output generation. Postalsoft products help thousands of business around the world manage their customer databases and take advantage of greater postage discounts with flexible and efficient software. Products intelligently parse (identify) name and address data; assign gender codes and salutations; standardize and correct addresses; assign postal code information; detect and merge duplicate records; create personalized business documents; and drive high-speed laser printers. Modules reduce postage costs and speed delivery. Callable C library versions are available for integration into in-house or OEM applications. Software systems are certified for accuracy.

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Pacific Network Services, Ltd

Pacific Network Services, Ltd

405-595 Howe Street

Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 2T5

Tel: 604-689-0399

Fax: 604-689-0311

E-mail: [email protected]

Established: 1994

Employees: 14

Contact: Renée Frappier

Company Profile

Pacific Network Services offers one indispensable, highly specialized service to the direct response industry: International Payment Processing. Better margins and higher response rates are just a couple of the benefits their customers have recognized.

For over four years PacNet has been the leader in international cheque and credit card processing. This is not surprising considering the wide range of benefits this team of specialists offers their clients. With 20 years of international banking experience that have traveled the world, established solid banking relationships and negotiated the most favorable arrangements possible anywhere. Each of PacNet’s customers, whether large or small, gains global buying power and a worldwide network of banking contacts. They save time, money and effort while receiving the highest quality, personalized service. Pacific Network Services has firmly established itself as the trusted name in payment processing.

PacNet will deposit and clear checks in over 30 currencies, giving clients quick access to their funds in any currency they want. Checks are cleared up to four weeks faster than through the banks and at a significant savings. Funds are usually available with 24 hours. There are no minimums and there are no additional charges for wire transfers, foreign exchange services or unpaid checks.

PacNet’s extensive Visa and MasterCard (EuroCard/Access) processing capabilities offer direct marketers access to world markets while eliminating the time, trouble and expense involved in setting up clearance agreements with the banks. They are able to electronically process credit card transactions in over one hundred different currencies. No conversion is shown on the cardholder’s statement, which greatly reduces the number of respondent inquires and complaints.

Pac Net will set up credit card merchant numbers for multiple “Doing-Business-As” names. Respondents can easily identify the transactions for each offer they accept while reviewing their monthly Visa or MasterCard statements. In this way, PacNet helps its clients provide the consistency that leads to customer trust and loyalty.

There is no lengthy setup for new clients. Your company can take advantage of PacNEt’s international capabilities in as few as three days. Contact Renée Frappier for more


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411 Theodore Fremd Avenue

Rye, NY 10580

Tel: 914-925-2400

Fax: 914-925-2499

Established: 1963


Tim Barlow, President

Patricia H. Crystal, Senior Vice President, List Brokerage

Eric Lake, Senior Vice President, Operations

Robert Sanchez, Vice President, List Management

Company Profile

The Lake Group specializes in providing professional List management, brokerage and consultation services to the direct marketing community. For over 35 years, both the consumer and business markets have been profitably served and clients’ goals and expectations have been achieved trough excellence in marketing, sales, service and systems methodologies and the maintenance of the financial integrity.

List Management:

The Lake Group’s list management services meet the evolutionary and revolutionary challenges facing the direct marketing universe today by providing:

· Regression modeling that delivers maximum response for list users.

· Customized list recommendations defining demographic and psychographic characteristics, along with thorough market penetration analysis.

· Comprehensive marketing plans that clearly establish revenue potential and assure thorough penetration of all primary and secondary markets.

· Industry leading financial services that include prompt payment to list owners.

List Brokerage:

The Lake Group’s List brokerage division has been achieving monumental success for direct marketers by providing unmatched experience, performance and dedication in the areas of:

· Market Research

· List Analysis and Cost Management

· Response Analysis

· Customer Profiling/Modeling

· Computer Processing Services

· Dedicated Customer Service

· State-of-the-Art Systems and Reporting

· Database Design / Management

· Financial Systems Integrity

Member of “The” International List Alliance with WorldWide Media Group.

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