Leadership Connection: How to Build Your Personal Brand

The second panel discussion, sponsored by Albert, at DMN’s Hall of Femme event focused on how individuals can build their personal brands.

The panelist discussed how important it was to find an employer or situation that fits one’s personal brand. That process begins before you even start looking for a job, according to Albert CMO Amy Inlow.

“Every time I’ve made a move, I try to re-evaluate what I like to do and what my strengths are,” Inlow said. “Don’t be afraid to ask for the things you need.”

“You want to make sure there is a culture fit with your brand,” said Monica Wood, VP global consumer and member insights at Herbalife, who said she’s turned down a great opportunity with a tobacco brand because it did not fit her point of view on health issues.

If you join a company, ask what you can do to win the hearts and mind of the employees, said Brenda Lombardo, CEO of NiKnack Marketing. Be generous with advice.

“If they feel like the advice works, they come back for more,” she added.

Wood said that the beginning stage of a new job is the crucial time to make a mark.

“When you join a company, you have to get familiar of the style of that CEO and build the advocacy of other stakeholders,” Wood said. “What can they expect from you? You have to know who you are and what you want to become famous for.”

Lombardo said a personal brand requires a person back it up with demonstrable actions.

People know if they’re meeting with her, Lombardo said, they know it will be a 30-minute meeting, the agenda will be shared in advance, and that she’ll have clear goals for the meeting.

“It’s all about accountability on the individual level,” Lombardo said. “Be true to yourself and always be learning.”

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