Lattice Engines and Madison Logic Partner on Customer Intelligence

Predictive analytics company Lattice Engines and B2B data maven Madison Logic Data have announced a partnership to provide B2B marketers with lead scoring systems enhanced by purchase intent data.

“Lead scoring is only as good as the data that fuels it, and it is only effective if it can be acted upon at scale,” said Madison CEO Erik Matlick in a statement announcing the deal. “Madison Logic Data has now aggregated the largest intent, demographic, and firmographic dataset in the industry, and combining that with the Lattice Data Cloud enables B2B marketers to make smarter decisions.”

Madison Logic claims to have had a hand in more than 3 billion B2B interactions over the last 90 days and is a supplier to IBM, Oracle,, and SAP.

Lattice CEO Shashi Upadhyay said the partnership offers marketers a complete solution for applying purchase intent data to their funnel activities. “We are now the first to provide a complete picture for predictive marketers,” he claimed.

In a briefing with Direct Marketing News earlier this month, Lattice CMO Brian Kardon said that marketing’s increased profile in revenue generation has created an up-market for predictive analytics software.

“Predictive analytics takes everything discoverable about a lead and puts it into a model that allows you to better understand what that person will do next. This is very attractive to B2B marketers,” Kardon said. “Before, we’d be selling to sales, and most of their budget is for new hires and T&E. But heads of marketing operation or demand generation can sign off on this type of solution, and it’s starting to resonate with them.”

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