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LAetcetera stumbles out of the starting gate

LAetcetera, the second weekend glossy planned as an insert for the Los Angeles Times, has suspended publication after only a month of printing.

The fashion and lifestyle magazine debuted May 10 and was direct mailed to approximately 480,000 Los Angeles Times readers who were not already receiving the newspaper’s first weekend insert magazine, LA, Los Angeles Times Magazine. LAetcetera was also printed and mailed in the May 17th and May 24th Sunday LA Times, meeting its planned thrice-monthly printing schedule, before the decision was made to suspend it. The monthly LA will continue publishing.

An e-mailed statement from an LA Times spokesperson explained that the newspaper is, “suspending the magazine for the foreseeable future while we revise the overall LA planning calendar. The suspension follows LA, Los Angeles Times Magazine publisher, Penn Jones, leaving the company.”

Fashion, culture and lifestyle magazine LAetcetera was conceived as an answer to advertiser demands for “a glossy magazine environment with greater frequency,” John O’Loughlin, EVP of targeted media and marketing for LA and LAetcetera, said earlier this month.

However, the declining print ad market seems to have taken its toll on the launch. LA saw ad revenue decrease 20.1% in the first quarter of 2009 compared to 2008. Overall, Sunday magazines measured by the PIB saw quarterly ad revenue drop 24% year over year.

The LA Times serves the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino counties and the San Fernando Valley with its five regional editions. The newspaper has a total average paid circulation of 1,055,076 — a majority of which is subscription-based.

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