L. A. Avengers increase ticket sales with StratBridge

The Los Angeles Avengers, a leading team in the Western Division of the Arena Football League, are increasing home game ticket sales and revenue with StratBridge’s StratTix ticket analysis software.

The Avengers are the first AFL team to adopt StratTix from Cambridge, MA.-based StratBridge, which provides Avengers’ sales staff with a graphical representation of the Staples Center, the Avengers’ home stadium, that lets them drill down to individual seat sales information showing available and sold seating in just two mouse clicks.

“Avengers fans love the sport, love the team, and love to make themselves heard at home games,” said Matt Wikstrom, vice president of sales for the Avengers, in a statement. “StratTix gives us the real-time information we need to make smart decisions that increase the fan base, our ninth man, at home games.”

Unlike National Football League games, AFL games are played exclusively indoors, featuring eight-man teams competing at a faster pace and often with higher scores. The Avengers will use the software to cull ticket information from a variety of sources to gain a real-time view of ticket inventories and trends prior to each home game, which will help the sales team develop strategies on the fly to maximize revenue.

Mr. Wikstrom and his colleagues can now see previously hidden ticket purchase patterns and trends within one game, a series or the entire season; track the impact marketing campaigns such as advertising, promotions and direct mail have on sales; and monitor effects of price changes on sales both visually and quantitatively.

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