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Kirshner Proposes Plan to Revitalize Pennsylvania’s Business Environment

"Business Revitalization Plan"
“Business Revitalization Plan”

Ben Kirshner is proposing a variety of measures aimed at rejuvenating Pennsylvania’s business environment. His plan includes modernizing the state’s outdated regulatory system to improve business growth and success, as well as launching online services to streamline operations.

Kirshner also suggests a program focused on enhancing small and medium-sized businesses. This objective could be accomplished through financial support in forms of low-interest loans, grants, and tax breaks, consequently facilitating business expansion and fostering innovation.

Additionally, attracting foreign direct investment is on Kirshner’s agenda, suggesting an overhaul of the current marketing strategy and robust relationships with foreign investors. He believes that an enhanced training program involving internships and collaborations with local universities can develop the talent required for contemporary businesses.

Recently, businesses like U.S. Steel and Intel have chosen alternative locations for investment due to faster permit procedures and more appealing incentives. Moreover, the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) highlights Pennsylvania’s economic disadvantage, necessitating bolder strategies and policies to attract businesses and citizens.

In 2021, the state licensed 12,000 nurses, over half of whom had to wait at least three months— a delay causing significant bottlenecks, affecting professionals across several industries. Luke Bernstein, head of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, emphasizes that these obstacles harm Pennsylvania’s image and calls for prompt action to attract investment.

State Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York) advocates for permit reform, aiming to speed up the approval process and enhance Pennsylvania’s competitiveness. Despite challenges, these measures and actions aim to ensure Pennsylvania’s business environment thrives and hits its full potential.

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