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Kent & Spiegel Denies Bankruptcy Rumors

LONG BEACH, CA — Attendees to the DRTV Expo here traded rumors about the fate of Kent & Spiegel Direct Inc., a DRTV marketing company in Culver City, CA, that was once considered one of the five largest infomercial marketing firms with annual sales exceeding $150 million.

While industry observers said the company was headed to the courts for bankruptcy protection, its executives denied the rumors.

” We're not going into bankruptcy,” said company spokeswoman Laura Fox. “We're restructuring and moving forward.”

Fox said the company maintains a staff of 15 people that will focus their efforts one product development and distribution. While she declined to discuss the reasons for the company's woes, other industry insiders said the firm was plagued with returns of its Sobakawa buckwheat husk pillow and the Bun & Thigh Sculptor.

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