Kent Marketing Eyes 10 Million Households for GTC Telecom

Internet and long-distance telecommunications services company GTC Telecom, Costa Mesa, CA, announced this week that Kent Marketing Inc., Lake Forest, CA, will design and execute an aggressive direct marketing campaign for the company's upcoming 5-cent-per-minute long-distance telephone rate plan.

O.C. Jenkins, director of marketing at Kent, said the company's direct response technology combined with its unique messaging and target marketing approach was a highly effective, results-driven program that had proven successful with other clients.

“We anticipate that this program, coupled with GTC's unbeatable long-distance rates, will enable GTC to acquire a substantial number of customers within the next 90 days,” he said. The company said its proprietary technology can directly reach more than 10 million U.S. households via the telephone. It said its system garnered more than $100 million in fundings for a recent mortgage company client in record time.

The recently announced rate plan offered by GTC gives consumers a long-distance calling rate of 5 cents per minute anytime, any day with no monthly fee if charges are billed to a credit card. Charges applied to a home phone bill will be assessed $1.95 per month.

At GTC, Paul Sandhu, president/CEO, said “consumers have been bombarded with complex and confusing rate plans with special terms and conditions. Many of the larger Telco's such as AT&T, MCI/Worldcom, Sprint and Qwest have tried to come out with similar plans but have failed to offer a simple one-rate plan.

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