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KeeBoo Does Marketing by the Book

KeeBoo, a provider of multimedia “Web books” that allow users to gather, organize, enhance and share digital content, is attempting to bring businesses into the fold by encouraging them to use the technology to create online catalogs.

Essentially, a KeeBook allows consumers to create an online book about any topic, such as museums, that can include Web sites and personal documents uploaded from their hard drives. The information can be divided into chapters, and sections can be highlighted and notes attached. A KeeBook then can be sent via e-mail to friends and family or placed on the desktop for offline usage.

While this may be a neat technology for consumers with time on their hands, KeeBoo feels it is the perfect application for online marketers. “Clients are creating KeeBooks for promoting and selling goods and services,” said Michel Safars, president of the company, which is based in Paris.

Fnac.com, a popular French e-commerce book and CD site, is circulating its catalogs to customers online using this technology. Not only can consumers receive and view the catalog, but they also can place online “sticky notes” within its pages and send it to a family member who may be looking for holiday gift ideas.

“You can share your ideas about product by forwarding the catalog,” Safars said.

There are more than 1 million KeeBooks in circulation. The company has more than 50 clients, including U.S. companies such as IDGBooks.com.

Safars sees products such as his as part of the natural evolution of marketing on the Web. “We're in a time of strong invention. Like the beginnings of anything, such as television, there was increased efficiency of usage for that invention,” he said.

KeeBoo launched in 1997.

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