KBM Group acquires Predictys

KBM Group has acquired Predictys, a France-based marketing company that specializes in digital data, said Dennis Kooker, COO and president of enterprise services at KBM Group. The acquisition was announced on May 29.

“One of the competitive advantages for Predictys that made it an attractive target to KBM Group is that 140 million consumers have specifically granted permission to be sent email marketing offers,” Kooker said. “Verified contacts and permission based marketing are important drivers for our business.”

The acquisition also occurred, in part, due to KBM’s efforts to expand its business in Europe, Kooker said. “We do anticipate continued investment that will allow the global footprint to continue to expand,” he said. “Our clients are increasingly global organizations looking for support wherever they do business.”

Kooker said that the timing of the acquisition “had more to do with the evolutionary growth of Predictys than outside environmental factors” and that merging the two will hopefully “help fuel continued fast growth” for both parties.

The acquisition took the typical timeframe of several months to complete, said Kooker, who declined to release any of the financial details of the acquisition, but did say that, for the time being, Predictys will keep its brand, meaning that all Predictys executives will retain their current titles and there will be no layoffs as a result of the acquisition.

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