Katy Perry has a new video made entirely using Whatsapp

Nothing like a huge celebrity endorsement without having to pay any money,

Katy Perry’s new music video “Roar” came out yesterday and the whole thing is basically activity on a Whatsapp chat window. The screen is a group chat between Katy Perry and her friends and the lyrics get typed out using a combination of words and emoticons. 

Whatsapp says it does not have an endorsement deal from Katy Perry, so this is a big, organic boost for them, something other companies can only hope for. Not that Whatsapp needed a big boost, it currently has over $300 million active users worldwide and is growing at an exponential rate.

The video is already blowing up on YouTube, with almost 2.5 million hits in its first day. But its also being dogged by claims of plagiarism, for both the song and video concept.  

Either way, Whatsapp won’t be complaining. Here’s the video. 

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