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Kana Cuts Bertelsmann's E-Mail Response Time

Germany's Bertelsmann Marketing Service GmbH is using the Kana Response e-mail management product to improve customer service online and reduce response times to customer inquiries.

The direct marketer now can rapidly route e-mails in a variety of languages to a call center or customer service representative. The response will be in the language of the customer's e-mail.

Developed by online customer relationship management provider Kana, Menlo Park, CA, Kana Response is deployed in 13 Bertelsmann call centers worldwide with more than 11,000 agents using the software.

Decreasing response time for Bertelsmann, one of the world's leading direct marketing service firms, was key. The company maps out individual customer binding systems, including implementation in data management systems, customer care, logistics, clearing of financial transactions and warehousing.

Kana claims that Bertelsmann customer service reps have cut their average e-mail response time from 10 minutes to an average of 1.5 minutes.

Other clients of Kana include Chase Manhattan Bank, Gap Inc., General Motors Corp., Eastman Kodak Co., United Airlines, Williams-Sonoma, Hewlett-Packard Co., ADP, E*Trade and Verizon.

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