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JustFly’s Guide To Building Your CRM System

Customer relations management is a key pillar of marketing in the online and e-commerce world. JustFly, an online travel agency, has embarked on a rebrand, launching a new site and new logo in the last month. One part of their strategy is to revamp and rebuild their CRM program to reflect their new battle plan and new look. I asked that JustFly review what the four main aspects of building a CRM program from scratch were and share them with me.


JustFly says Integration is key. It the cornerstone in which an entire CRM system can be built upon. If you don’t integrate properly, you might as well not even bother going through the hassle of setting up a CRM program. What does this entail? JustFly says its all about communication. You need to make sure your systems and databases speak to each other at maximum efficiency. A poor integration can result in inefficient sending, send failures, and poor targeting. Ultimately you can build a muscle car, but if the frame is rusted, broken, or poorly installed, your car is destined to breakdown. The same can be said for CRM system. If your integration is messy, it is destined for failure.

Data Manipulation

Secondly, JustFly says data manipulation is very important. This means building and maintaining segments of your list. This ensures that your specific mailers are reaching a particular audience. By monitoring things like opens, sends, deletes, and spams you can properly place your users in the correct grouping. These groups can be targeted by specific mailers aimed at conversions, retention, or any other motivations.

Data Usability

Data use was the third most important aspect noted by JustFly. What this means is how you use your data to best optimize your customers experience. Do they respond to emails? If not, they can be targeted using your businesses’s call centre. Do they open a lot of emails but never convert? Try shooting them a retention email with a special offer that may bring them back to your business.

Continued Testing and Data Analysis

Ultimately a great CRM program is maintained by a stellar monitoring and testing platform that allows you to better target and stimulate customers and quickly evolve your program to meet trends amongst your customer base. JustFly says the key is to keep the customer in mind as you design programs to attract their business. At the end of the day, CRM is about serving the customer and generating conversions, sign ups, or whatever your goal is. Reading them and their interactions is paramount in maintaining a well operating and successful CRM system.

These four elements are just the core concepts of building and maintaining a smooth running CRM system according to JustFly. In order for a CRM system to be successful you require a competent team that doesn’t just know how to build systems, but understand relationships between businesses and customers. Call it programming with heart, as JustFly believes CRM requires more than just sound development.

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