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Juno to Add MindArrow Technology for E-Mail Marketing

Juno Online Services has teamed with MindArrow Systems, a provider of direct digital software and services, to offer its advertising partners the ability to use multimedia e-mail when marketing to Juno's subscriber base.

Under terms of the agreement, which was announced yesterday, Juno and MindArrow will share an undisclosed portion of the revenue generated by the delivery of e-mails to Juno subscribers.

Juno is adding MindArrow's rich media technology to its existing text and HTML formats.

“MindArrow Messages provide Juno's advertisers with the ability to deliver and track dynamic e-mail marketing campaigns that incorporate rich media elements, including video and Flash,” said Steve Lair, president of sales and marketing at MindArrow, Aliso Viejo, CA. “This technology is ideal for customer acquisition campaigns because it enables advertisers to deliver compelling multimedia messages directly to their target audience.”

Juno tested MindArrow's technology on 20,000 of its subscribers in December, said David Jakubowski, vice president of business development at Juno, New York. However, he would not share the results of that test campaign.

Jakubowski said users who use the service for free agree to receive advertising messages upon registering with Juno, which has 4.1 million active users. The company's free user base, which accounts for 75 percent of the total, opt in to receive direct marketing e-mails, he said.

Juno expects the technology to help advertisers with retention and response rates because multimedia e-mails offer better interaction with the ads than text and HTML, Jakubowski said.

“This will be another feature that we will use for our partners so that we can meet their needs in this dynamic environment,” Jakubowski said. “We believe that we're adding a real attention-grabber from a customer standpoint.”

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